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 List the TOP 3 Playstation Games You Wish They Would Remake!

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Gemini Judgement

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PostSubject: List the TOP 3 Playstation Games You Wish They Would Remake!   Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:35 pm

As the title says List the TOP 3 "Playstation" games that you wish they would remake for the new generation of playstation.

My list is:

1. Legend of the Dragoons - This game has to be by far one of the best RPGs that playstation came up with; no offence to the FF team but this game rocks and i think it truly embodies what an rpg should be about!

2. Bloody Roar Series - Talk about your butt kicking, animal changing, combo busting fighters! Have you ever been fighting someone and wished you could turn into a BUNNY?? Well this game totally made that possible, it was some cute , adorbale bunny..it was one that if you were caught bad mouthing off to her she would do more then just put you in your place!! lol threat

3. Parasite Eve - Which is just a less fightening version of resident evil; some knock offs are just horrible but this had a pretty decent storyline, juicy plot, and even some really great character designs...not to mention that you could use powers that you didnt know you have because of some sort of parasite going around!! Shocked ----> Laughing ----> Very Happy

Yours are??? Surprised

Fear Me! affraid I'm the FORUM GODDESS 06

I used to go by Naito Tenshi in the past...

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--Sharp Shooter--

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PostSubject: Re: List the TOP 3 Playstation Games You Wish They Would Remake!   Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:35 pm

My list is:

1. The Legend of Dragoon - You already said everything that needs to be said, ^^ *points up*

2.Final Fantasy VII - I played it wen the graphics were crap and couldn't let go until I finished all 4 of those discs, so pretty it up and I might just die from the amazing story they wrote that interwove some pretty crazy twists and turns, not the mention the amazing cast of characters, ^^

3. MediEvil - Ok this one should be higher up but I'm an RPG nut, so those two went first. THIS one is by far the most entertaining, senseless beating game i played on the PS, I mean, u run around just smashing things up, and the main character and cast could not have been better, with an array of weapons that fits perfectly into its time, and UR A SKELETAL CHAMPION KNIGHT! ^^ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediEvil

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Senior Mod

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PostSubject: my list   Mon Sep 13, 2010 10:21 am

here my list and ill try not to name ones already named lol

Resident evil- (all of em): think about it gamecube and the wii got the better graphic verisons of resident evil 1 and they also got Zero which we never got on the ps Sad. it'll be cool to see them all again on the ps3 with upgraded graphic and trophies ^_^.

hmm that could be three but lets see...

GTA 3- vice city: do i need to say why lol

Legend of Legia or something like that where u went around to these trees and gave them powers to push away the mist. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: List the TOP 3 Playstation Games You Wish They Would Remake!   

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List the TOP 3 Playstation Games You Wish They Would Remake!
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