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 Greetings, The Name is Genkotsu Aisuru

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Genkotsu Aisuru
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PostSubject: Greetings, The Name is Genkotsu Aisuru   Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:41 am

Greetings to all the newcomers and old users, like the topic states I am Genkotsu Aisuru. I will be willing to help others how to roleplay in several styles. As well as teaching some of the people how to edit pictures and get the details of their characters into a good picture once and a while. My character will be a cross-genre roleplay character, he comes in between the Kamen Rider Series and Katekyo Hitman Reborn Series. I am a currently a Myspace roleplayer and a high level of roleplaying as well. I prefer hand to hand combat more then to long range combat. Now look down below to view character's Statistics' his story is already on my profile and so i'm going to list my equipment, transformations, abilities, and techniques in this post. So please, do not steal my work or I completely obliterate your entire existence.

Name: Genkotsu
Age: 18
Status: Married
Fighting Style: Mix Martial Arts, KickBoxing, and Capoeira
Brother: N/a
Sister: N/a
Son: N/a
Daughter: N/a
Occupation: Kamen Rider XV
Hair Color: Black. One bang of black that fades down to teal
Pupil: Black
Irises: Silver and then Dark Teal
Clothing: Japanese Highschool Uniform
Race: Superhuman
Sex: Male


Rider Belt/Rider Card: It is the belt that is placed around the user’s waist and soon activated to become the Rider Suit. All previous riders had their own type of belts and some weren’t even in a belt formation, still they would complete their transformations to rider form. Genkotsu’s belt was made to appear like the old belts, but it takes a similar appearance to the Decade Belt from Kamen Rider Decade. The creators of this Rider System thought that Kamen Rider Decade was the perfect sample to base their system from. So with that they had made the Kamen Rider XV Belt along with the same activation as Kamen Rider Decade’s; the rider card with the rider’s suit imprinted onto it , along with the same case that was used decades ago for Decade himself. A case that held cards of the previous Riders, along XV to transform into the old riders; but they also gave it that he’d be able to summon these riders to the battlefield.

The Card Case: The card case is the item that which Kamen Rider XV carries along with himself, which within contains the cards of all the previous riders; including the original owner of this type of case. The case also takes form into a sword and then a gun. Using the sword for close range combat and the gun for long range.

XVA: This stands for XV Ascension, a device that was later discovered by the rebels within the rumble of a destroyed laboratory; that was owned by the organization and soon later to be destroyed by their own creation, XV. The rebels having no idea what this device could do, they had kept it under close care and eyes until one day Genkotsu had rescued one of the leader of the rebels; soon later finding out that Genkotsu was in fact Kamen Rider XV from an attack of the organization. When Genkotsu was no match against one of the beasts that organization had released upon the rebels, the leader that was saved by him; had tossed the XVA device towards Genkotsu and soon a new form of his Rider form had been revealed. In this form he was able to summon previous Riders in their final form and attack while Genkotsu sent the main attack.

The Gauntlets: These weapons are only used when Genkotsu does not want to use his Rider Form to take on his opponent. So what he does is that he stands up straight and the punches his two fists together and shouts out a word and that would be “Release!” Once he has done that, a blue beam of light is shot from the heaven above and down upon Genkotsu’s body; completely forcing his body to disappear within the beam. After ten seconds later, the beam will start to shimmer down and fade away; when that happens, then it reveals Genkotsu wearing a fully new type of gloves. Not only that, but on his left there is a large ring that encircles his leg; on the ring there are dark teal colored flame designs. The same are imprinted on the gloves, along with black crosses on the middle of the glove. On the male’s forehead, a large dark teal flame is revealed and starts emit the flames as the equipment has been summoned.


Kamen Rider XV: In this form, Genkotsu is able to fully take on the opponent with the power of the previous rider’s before him. Though the suit was created by an evil organization, Genkotsu had become a rebel with the suit and fought against whatever the organization had thrown his way. But the creators of the suit based it off from the legendary kamen rider known as Decade; so their appearance is the same but the color is different and the features have been modified as well. The color of the suit is neon white with a teal outline and a dark teal. The suit has a system that can link with any past riders and take their form, as well as their abilities.

Kamen Rider XVA: This is a Rider System that can only be appeared when the XVA Device has been summoned to the battlefield. It attaches itself upon the main belt piece and then gives the rider a new form and shape of a suit. Giving the rider new features and abilities; making it become the ultimate weapon of mankind. But not only is it the only ultimate weapon, it has the power to summon previous rider’s in their ultimate form to attack the opponent. There is a special command on the device which allows the user to summon all of the riders in his case to their ultimate form and strike with a massive attack.

Superhuman Awakened (SHA): This is the form that allows Genkotsu’s modified body to ascend to a powerful playing field. The way he is able to activate this state of form is when he is not wearing his rider suit, because it is needed for him to be in his normal state. The awakening is when he summoning his gauntlets to the battle, a blue beam of light is collided down to his location; engulfing his very being into the light. But soon enough he is revealed once again and shown wearing his new weapons and a large dark teal flame is emitting from his forehead, his eyes have hidden behind a pure white with a teal glow around his eyes; as if it too was emitting some type of energy as well.

Superhuman Unleashed (SHU): SHA was the first stage of what Genkotsu’s power is capable of doing and that was only the awakening part. After that is comes the unbinding power of a man that had his power sealed away from him, the true power that which was chained up and forever to be locked away because the ones who had altered the male’s body thought of what raw power mixed with the modifications will becoming a power too great for them to handle. In this form, Genkotsu’s entire energy resource is released upon whoever he is facing. A simple look into the eyes of Genkotsu, he would be able to create a pulse of a teal aura that could crack the ground. A untold possibility is given to when he is unleashed.


Wind Manipulation: Wind is one of two of the elements that were given to Genkotsu when his body had been altered. Genkotsu uses the wind element for his quickly reflexes and increases his speed while he runs. With that he is able to force himself to appear like a blur; allowing his enemies to become confused and search for him while he is truly among them. There may be a couple offense techniques that use wind within them, but there still unknown to even himself.

Ice Manipulation: Ice is one of the two elements that were given to Genkotsu when his body had been altered. Unlike wind, ice is used for his offense and defensive techniques. Since ice is made from a solid structure, then Genkotsu has made them to become his main elemental usage in his techniques during combat.


Embodiment: This technique allows the user to form a ice statue of him or herself fusing it with the technique known as Afterimage. But instead of leaving fading images of the user in ones spot, this technique allows the caster to make a statue figure in its wake. But as well as all of the techniques used by Genkotsu, the ice statue is incased with his spiritual energy. If the opposing being of the caster comes and tries to land a punch on him or her, as well as the statue being formed with the mixture of afterimage involved. The opponent of the caster will activate the energy within the statue, allowing it to explode at that very spot.

Particle Shards: This one has uniqueness to it; the caster is able to form four sapphire ice spheres that contained his spiritual energy. Once they are sent out to the opponent, they would start to shift their original figures into medium sized shards. Within moments the new formed shards would explode and create sparkling shard pieces in the air. Their kind of hard to see since their so small, but in only matter of seconds the peaceful looking particles become a trail of explosions. The type of trail that is formed when spaceships that are parked one another is destroyed. Leaving a trail of explosions, the same goes for the shard pieces. A deadly technique, even more if the opposing being would to inhale the shard pieces. The trail of explosion will only end when all of the shard pieces are erased from the world.

The Fog: The fog is technique that appears from under the caster’s feet, a move that allows Genkotsu to change the climate of the surrounding area that he and his opponent are in. Also the main source of his Ice Based attacks, but it’ll be hard to get rid of this technique and have an advantage to taking Genkotsu out. The reason for that is the fog is formed from the caster itself; with the fog activated all of the ice based attacks are increased. So if each attack contains spiritual based energy within them, then the original power would double from the fog’s effect.

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PostSubject: Re: Greetings, The Name is Genkotsu Aisuru   Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:45 am

well first i gonna be totally honest with u...i didnt read all tht stuff! No ---> Embarassed

It waaaay to much for an intro, but i just wanted to introduce myself!! Im jaded_diva; and ill be your local forum diva!!

pink hope to c you around the forums!
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Gemini Judgement

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PostSubject: Re: Greetings, The Name is Genkotsu Aisuru   Thu Sep 09, 2010 3:58 pm

Welcome to LF!

Make sure you read the forum rules. & Happy Posting! cheers

Fear Me! affraid I'm the FORUM GODDESS 06

I used to go by Naito Tenshi in the past...

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PostSubject: Re: Greetings, The Name is Genkotsu Aisuru   

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Greetings, The Name is Genkotsu Aisuru
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