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 OOC // Brainstorming Guidelines

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PostSubject: OOC // Brainstorming Guidelines   Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:26 am

Rule for Brainstorming // OOC (eliminating the need for PM's and confusion)

This forum is for users to create threads to separate all of the Out of Character data from their In Character role-plays.

Content must be related to role-playing, specifically the counterpart RP thread.

Out Of Character content should *always* be separated from the role-playing. Story/concept information, character sheets, chit-chatter, things that break the flow of the read go here.

What's this for?

Each major RP thread has an OOC subforum for specific OOC discussions about threads in the related forum. This allows separation of actual RPG and OOC content. We encourage the use of these OOC forums over private messaging/IM services.

Each RP thread in the Roleplay main forum is entitled to one OOC Thread in this forum. Extra OOC threads will be merged with the original, or could be locked or deleted. Threads that veer off topic severely risk deletion. Stay on topic!

Link to your OOC discussion thread in the first post of your RP thread. From your OOC thread, link to your RP thread.

Have fun!

Now go ahead and start planning and discussing your storylines and have people put characters up.

This is definitely NOT an optional feature, though. There are no rules against engaging in OOC within a roleplay and I don't expect this to get rid of all OOC from every RP thread, but I'm hoping the OOC threads promote discussion about the roleplay itself so all members can more easily coordinate the roleplaying and plot so no one is left out.

Stay on topic and you must have potential people post character sheets here. If I see an idea heading in a bad direction I will step in.

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OOC // Brainstorming Guidelines
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