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PostSubject: RPG Guidelines ---> MUST READ BEFORE POSTING AN RPG!!!   Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:19 am

0. No god mode*
1. No controlling anyone's characters.*
2. RP threads will be locked at 1000 posts and continued in a new thread if desired
3. RPs should be fun!*
4. No bashing, flaming, insulting, intentionally causing distress, etc
5. No repeat threads
6. Give the thread sustenance*
7. Stay on topic*
8. No double posting
9. No meaningless, pointless, one line posts (spam)
10. No hentai or detailed sexual descriptions
11. Write rules and instructions particular to your RP in your introduction thread
12. An "OOC" needs to be created to correspond with your current RPG; its should be titled "OOC:___THE NAME OF YOUR RPG GOES HERE___"

*0) God mode is a relevant term. Pay attention to the story and creator's beginning character. Don't make your character much stronger than the creator's(and strength can mean fighting ability, skills, experience and a plethora of other things, so use your head). The only exception to this is when the creator expressly states in their thread that you can do such a thing(and connected to this if you pm them ahead of time and they agree).
Also no God mode means to follow basic physical rules laid down by the creator (though by default this means the laws of physics from the real world). You can't dodge everything. You can't take every hit like it was nothing. You must follow weaknesses obvious to your character (and good RPers always have weaknesses in their characters, though they are also good at hiding what those are unless it is key to the character's story).
*1) This means both taking over completely or even slight controlling. Saying stuff like "so and so looked over at my character" when so and so isn't someone you made up is WRONG. DONT DO IT.
*3) Fun is a relative word, though everyone should know what I mean here. Don't feel constrained by the rules/tips here, but realize that in the long run, most of these rules/tips are here to support fun. Some find it 'fun' to look back on a well made story when it is complete rather than have the story die for whatever reason.
*4) When you're a thread creator, give some sort of structure to the RP. Create an involving story. Make a character sheet and explain all the sections of it which may not be obvious. Give an example by filling it out for your own character.
When you're a poster, try to describe things. The only times a short post is fine is when you're either in a conversation with another player, in a battle with another player, or being held up because someone won't post for a long time(long time being a few days).
*5) If you need to make a comment, either pm the person/people or say OOC(out of character/context) and say what you need to say. Afterwards, to mark going back into the game, put IC(in character/context).
*6) This obviously applies to stories based on another published work.

The next section is where I am going to put tips I think everyone should follow when RPing. These are by no means rules you absolutely have to follow.

1. Try to have accurate spelling/grammar. No, this isn't a scholastic essay or published work. Yes, there are other people who read what you write and may have to interact with you. Try using a word program which checks spelling/grammar. Also give your writing basic structure. This means you should break it up into easily readable paragraphs. Block style with multiple events/speaking/thinking/etc crammed into one single paragraph is very hard to glean information from.
2. Try to be clear about what you are doing/saying as well as pay attention to what everyone else is doing/saying. This will help you not be confused as well as help you not make a mistake.
3. Don't ignore what someone in an RP does. Just because it may interfere with a plan you wanted to do in your next post doesn't mean you have the right to blow the other person off. That's the idea of an RP. It's not a fanfiction, it is a place where people come together to create a story.
4. Follow the rules set down by the thread creator.
5. Stick to the setting of the thread creator. If you want to create a character that is from a different era/race/class/etc, pm the creator to see if you are able (don't make an OOC post about it, as that is more like spam).
6. When creating an RP, either have a set story in mind and make it so that story can't be destroyed by the actions of others, or make it free to be created solely by the actions of other players.
7. Don't repeat characters in RPs often. This means creating one character template and posting it in every single RP you play. One reason this doesn't work is because character templates may not be the same. Also, the setting most likely conflicts with the character you wish to always play. Besides that, it's not much fun for the other members to read the same predictable actions in all the RPs you take part in.
This one's a touchy subject for me as I find it completely ridiculous to expect one character to fit in all RPs. It's also ridiculous for someone to not want to think up a new role to play. If you can only do one personality, that is fine, but don't keep the same character unless it makes sense to do so (as in they dimension jump, have lived a long time and now take part in the new RP's later era, or some other way it can work out).
8. If the starter of the RPG wishes to close his or her RPG due to any reason, he or she can either request a moderator to close it or transfer the "ownership" of the RPG to another member; however, it would be best to PM a moderator about it to prevent us from accidentally closing new RPG (under the new "owner's" name).
9. Any issues or questions concerning any RP or player should be PM'ed to me or any of the Senior Mods so we can help resolve anything.
10. If an RPG is going on, PM the leader of the RPG to see if you can join, but feel free to make up your own. Smile
11. Use Brainstorming to help forulate ideas and get recruits.

OOC // Brainstorming Guidelines: CLICK HERE!
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