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 Rules --> 2010 Sept.

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PostSubject: Rules --> 2010 Sept.   Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:59 am

---Be polite. While it’s understandable that some topics might irritate or bother you, bear in mind that politeness goes a long way. (This rule does not necessarily apply to most things in baka).
---Do not double post ... or triple post ... or quadruple post. If you want to reply to more than one person, do so in one post. If you want to change your reply, use the "edit" button. That's why it's there.
---No linking to other anime/manga download forums. We at Lotus Flower do not hold any responsibility toward any site that we are not affiliated with. Because of this, we do not encourage the posting of links to other anime/manga download sites since we cannot verify the integrity of the downloads that they host. You can link to non-anime/non-manga sites in the appropriate context, ie: if someone wants to share sites that teach Japanese, for example, then that’s fine.
---Don’t ignore moderators or admin. If we warn you in a thread about something, don’t argue with us. We warned you for a reason; be glad you didn’t get an infraction for it.
---Don't post if you have nothing relevant to add to the discussion. Posting to say "Yes, I agree" etc is not adding to the discussion, and posts that ignore the topic such as "Too many to count" in a thread that asks for a list of something is not on topic. Posts of this nature are annoying and will be deleted. (This rule does not necessarily apply to the Baka forum where randomness is appropriate.)
---Do not post in the wrong section. Repeated posting in the wrong section or posting in such a manner that disregards the rules is a sure way to get yourself banned either temporarily or permanently. This will be at the discretion of the admin of Lotus Flower.
---Don't post one word (or smiley) posts. See the previous rule.
---Under no circumstances should you ever,EVER post your email address in public. This is for your safety. If someone wants to email you, they can follow the link in your profile.
---Do NOT harass other forumers via PM or otherwise General rule of thumb: is your PM going to be viewed as contentious or discourteous? Then don’t send it. If you have a problem with a post you come across USE THE ‘REPORT POST’ FEATURE. The moderation team here is awesome, but they are not perfect. If there’s something wrong with a post you find, chances are that moderation hasn’t seen it yet. The report post function ALWAYS looks like a red “card” (block) under the user’s avatar on the left side of the post. Click it. We like it when you do. Please note, if you’re the recipient of a hostile or derogatory PM, do feel free to forward it to admin or moderation. (If you’ve reported a post and nothing is done, then assume that we don’t agree that there is anything wrong. VIGILANTE MODDING ON THIS FORUM VIA PM WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE BAN.).
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Rules --> 2010 Sept.
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